What makes Home Sheep Home a fun puzzle game?

Who may have thought that the simple and youthful concept of 'Shaun The Sheep', an animated comedic series for children, can be put up in a thrilling and challenging puzzle game that has even earned a BAFTA nomination. What I'm talking about is the revered game for iOS, the Home Sheep Home. At first, it was distributed for free, but as it rise to prominence, it is now available on your iPhone's application store for $0.99. Though it may not possess as much grandeur as one would expect from the days of today, it still is a very decent game filled with the perfect combination of graphical content, character and controls.

As soon as you enter the world of Home Sheep Home, you'll be welcomed by the three characters from 'Shaun the Sheep' that you'll be able to play with - Shaun, Timmy and the fat Shirley. What you'll be required to do in each of its 15 various levels is to transfer all of the sheep to the other side of each levels. However, it is not that simple as you'll be faced with puzzles regarding physics and logic - where you have to take into account the weight of the three while using contraptions to deal with obstacles that hinders their path to the other side.

The game indeed has a very interesting graphics and though it may not be very realistic, it still provides a vibe that the game is undeniably whimsical, soft and calm - befitting a youth game. Also, although the challenges may be quite thrilling, it still isn't mind-boggling so don't expect it to trap you in a level with its difficulty. Although 15 levels may not amount much for your eyes, it still is a great number when you take into account the fact that each level is completely unique from the other. There may be a few notable hitches on its control category, however, it is still evident that you'll be able to enjoy this game.

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