Shaun the Sheep Vs Jimmy "The Sheep" - Is It Fiction Vs Fantasy?

Many will be familiar with Shaun the Sheep the anticipated stop-motion animated movie that has recently been released around the globe, but how many people are familiar with Jimmy "The Sheep" Battista, other than Americans and Canadians?

This particular story is a far cry from Shaun the Sheep. This professional gambler pleaded guilty to conspiracy to transmit staking information so as to disgrace and shame former NBA referee Tim Donaghy. He now claims there's a further thirteen NBA refs that are also involved as well!

Jimmy "The Sheep" Battista claims that he has telephone records to prove that he categorically has contact with all the said officials, however the only information on this being an actual fact, has surfaced through an unnamed source. Of course since professional gamblers can always be trusted, one knows for certain it has to be factual, especially in light that he is in the process of trying to secure a tell-all book deal.

Could it be Donaghy is just a "Rogue isolated Criminal" as David Stern has already claimed? On the other hand is it likely that Battista is really telling the truth and the whole truth and not just interested in making a big bank from what's bound to become an instant best seller?

If indeed he can support his claims with bona fide phone records, it will be hugely damaging for the league. They will have little option but to investigate further, else risk government involvement. Whilst the actual phone records could be said to be circumstantial evidence only, it does beg the question, why would so many officials be in contact with this gambler?

Don't be surprised if a movie shortly follows, it might even eclipse Shaun the Sheep in box office sales. What would be a surprise would be if any NBA referees would play themselves. Perhaps not unless they are after a new career on the big screen, whilst their name is still in lights!

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