Getting to know more about Timmy Time Animated Series

If you're an avid fan of Disney Channel, then there's no doubt that you may have already seen or heard of Shaun the Sheep, one of their animated series that has been ongoing for years. If you or your kids have enjoyed this comedic children animation, then you'll surely want to know more about an interesting spinoff made from it which is entitled, Timmy Time. This British comedic stop-motion animated series was created by none other than the Aardman Animations and BBC, guaranteeing that it's undoubtedly worth seeing.

The name of Timmy in Timmy Time may be familiar to those who have been watching 'Shaun the Sheep'. This is because the youth lamb can be found in the mentioned series and is actually three years old. There's no dialogue on this series as well which makes it apparent that it has stuck to the ideals of the original series. Each episode consists of ten minutes and in that duration, you or your kid may learn a lot from the mishaps that Timmy will meet and how he deals and learns from it.

There are quite a lot of characters in Timmy Time that was conceived on April 6, 2009, which made it very interesting. Each episodes involved Timmy and his friends getting into quite a lot of mistakes, facing consequences and problems, while all learning from it which makes it an ideal series for the youth. Many episodes were released in about 3 seasons of the show - 26 for the first two seasons and 30 episodes for the third and last one that ended on 2012. Though it was aired on famous channels like Boomerang, Cartoon Network, ABC 4 Kids and more, it soon faced a halt and was removed on air. Fortunately, Timmy Time had entered the Junior Disney Channel on 2012 where it had occupied a stable position on the channel's schedule. Unfortunately, it still found the end of the road on 2014 as it was halted once again.

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