The production and Thrilling Plot behind Black Sheep (movie)

Though you may think that sheep-connected shows and even movies may not be a feasible ingredient to concoct a horror film, then think again after watching the 2006 Film made from New Zealand, the Black Sheep (movie). The movie is infused with horror and comedy genre, giving a profound experience that will surely entertain you. It was directed and written by one person, Jonathan King. The movie featured some famous names in the industry back in their time - Oliver Driver, Tammy Davis, Danielle Mason, Peter Feeney and even Nathan Meister along with a whole lot more, under the production led by none other than, Philippa Campbell. The movie have shown itself to the world when it premiered on September 10, 2006, and was later adapted in theatrical acts on 2007.

The plot of Black Sheep (movie) is undeniably unique and though it may seem messed up at first, you'll surely find the story to be very interesting, funny and at the same time, still rendering a grotesque and somewhat fearsome environment that you'll grow fond of. This has earned the movie quite a rave along with critical acclaims and ratings from various professionals, which makes it a movie that's worth watching for.

Black Sheep (movie) takes place on a farm for sheep located in New Zealand where a father lived with his two sons, Angus (elder) and Henry. Henry was the one who was naturally gifted with the skill in sheep farming and was adored by his father for it. The jealous Angus then brought a plot to prank his younger brother with the bloody death of his pet sheep. A while later, they were informed of the death of their father and thus, resulted to Henry's fear of sheep. Years past, Henry and Angus meets again and the elder brother found himself experimenting with sheep to become carnivores and infect the same effects to anyone it bites. A turn for the worst happens and a sheep escapes, welcoming a streak of bloody encounters.

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