Jimmy "the Sheep" Battista & NBA Revelations In "Gaming The Game".

A former gambler that was unquestionably tied to the biggest betting scandal in NBA history, is of the opinion that disgraced referee Tim Donaghy did not act alone and had help from other game officials. The bombshell revelations are made by convicted game fixer Jimmy "the Sheep" Battista in a book called "Gaming The Game" where he offers a detailed account of the millions of dollars that he made from Donaghy's insider information.

Published by Barricade Books, the book chronicles how Jimmy "the Sheep" Battista, bet $1-$2 million on each NBA game officiated by ref Tim Donaghy, slipping the ref as much as $10k a game if he could guarantee that the game's outcome would be a nailed on certainty.

Bombshell revelations are made by the game fixer Jimmy "the Sheep" Battista in a book called "Gaming The Game". He made millions of dollars from insider information.

Battista would refer to Donaghy aged 43, as "Elvis" due to the fact when it came to picking game winners, in his eyes, he was "The King". In the book Battista says that the best gamblers in sports win around 60% of their bets, but the Donaghy selections for games he was officiating were accurate 78% of the time.

He claimed one payday came from the NBA All-Star Game in 2007. Donaghy called him 4 hours prior to the game and told him that the East were going to get crushed by the West. He said he laid two or three bets based on this information and sure enough the East were totally demolished by the West.

As well as speculating that other officials were involved, Jimmy "the Sheep" Battista figured that resentment and greed was the motivation behind Donaghy's dirtying of the game. Battista said that Donaghy would badmouth the players to death and took it personal that they were earning vastly more money than he was.

Not surprisingly, Donaghy declined any interviews regarding "Gaming the Game" however did put his own spin on what had been written by saying that the book was a rather "sensationalistic and fictional portrayal of the past events."

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