Wallace And Gromit And the UK's Master Of Stop-Motion Nick Park!

Without a doubt there are magicians of animation stretching from far away Japan to Hollywood, but no one quite lavishes their celluloid creations with more affection or painstaking care than Nick Park, Britain's master of stop-motion. The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, features Park's heroic dog-and-man duo, Wallace and Gromit and is undoubtedly the creator at his sublimely silly best.

The technique of stop-motion used for Wallace and Gromit is painstakingly time consuming, but Park, holds back nothing and puts as much effort into the beautifully detailed sets and captivating characters as possible. Gromit's expressions are priceless in spite of having no mouth, and scene upon scene is crammed full with little visual gags along the way.

Winner of the Oscar for best animated film in 2006, the plot of this first full-length adventure for the duo is as daft as all of those taking part. With a local giant-vegetable competition upcoming, Wallace proprietor of Anti-Pesto, a vermin control business, is called upon by Lady Tottington to deal with an invasion of rabbits at her stately home.

To solve the problem Wallace uses his Bun Vac 6000 to hoover them from the grounds, then concocts another contraption called the Mind Manipulation-O-Matic, designed to put the creatures off eating vegetables. He explains " it extracts unwanted thoughts and desires" and although stating that it's yet to be tested, should be perfectly safe, "just a bit of harmless brain alteration, that's all" as he puts it!

Unfortunately by melding his mind as well with that of a rabbit, he now becomes transformed into a buck toothed giant with big ears and ends up going on the rampage just as soon as the moon starts to rise. It is up to the ever resourceful and formidable Gromit to save the day, as he often manages to do in the TV series of Wallace and Gromit. Would anybody expect anything less from this enigmatic duo that everyone so much loves?

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